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When you are a part of the bustling New York scene, you want to make sure your home’s style and interiors are on the cutting edge of the latest design trends. NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting is the premier boutique painting company located in the heart of New York and specializes in high gloss painting services in Upper Manhattan homes and buildings. 

As one of eight Fine Paints of Europe Certified Painters, we guarantee the highest quality craftsmanship and paint, using innovative and versatile techniques. For your interior high gloss painting project, our consultant team will develop and execute your project with a high attention to detail and excellence.  

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Lacquered Ceilings in Upper Manhattan


In New York apartments, low ceilings can be distracting and make your room feel cramped, but you can solve this issue easily with a new lacquer coating. Ceilings are often-overlooked architectural features in homes and are usually covered in a dull, flat paint, but a high gloss or lacquer coating can add depth and drama that creates an illusion the ceiling is actually higher than it is. 

At NYC High Gloss we can apply a lacquered finished to your ceiling so it stands out. A lacquer is a great material for your ceiling because it’s thinner and can penetrate deeper into the surface. And while a lacquer is less durable than a high gloss paint, applications require a thicker coat, which creates a sleeker and more dramatic effect throughout your home and enhances the color. 

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Update your Upper Manhattan home today to an elegant and timeless design with the assistance of NYC High Gloss. For our New York clients, our certified, licensed and bonded contractors will modernize your home with new high gloss painted and lacquered ceilings and walls, breathe freshness into kitchen cabinets, and provide additional specialty painting services throughout Upper Manhattan, including neighborhoods such as:


  • Morningside Heights

  • Harlem

  • Marble Hill

  • Lincoln Square


With over 35 years of painting experience, NYC High Gloss guarantees superior quality and craftsmanship with an unparalleled customer experience. For our clients’ convenience, we also offer free project estimates. Call us today at 203-302-1086 or visit our website to schedule a consultation or speak with one of our specialists. 

By applying a high gloss paint to your walls or trim, you can add a touch of elegance and high-impact design that a typical flat finish can’t achieve. High gloss paint features a reflective quality that can add depth, warmth and richness to your color. 

If using a high gloss paint is too bold for your space, consider applying this finish to your trim or railings. Wood trim, molding or shelving painted with a flat or matte finish can be overlooked and inadvertently blend into the background, but the high gloss can enhance these architectural features that give your room character and originality. 

NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting specializes in making your Upper Manhattan home unique and timeless with high gloss ceilings, walls and furnishings. As a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter, we will transform your space and offer luxurious high end gloss paint from the premier experts at Fine Paints of Europe. NYC High Gloss will decorate your interior with the highest quality paint worldwide, featuring an odorless, low-VOC and quickly drying paint application that can last up to 10 years or longer. 


What makes NYC High Gloss different is we’re a certified Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter. Fine Paints of Europe is a Dutch painting company dedicated to using the best oil- and water-based paints available worldwide. By working with NYC High Gloss for your next painting project, you’re guaranteed a high quality and timeless finish with modern and innovative techniques. 

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