Transform Your Home With Fine Paints of Europe Contractors on the Upper East Side


Are you looking for the timeless and elegant appearance of high gloss paint for your walls to make a high-impact statement to friends and neighbors? NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting is a Fine Paints of Europe contractor based in New York and specializes in high gloss painting services on the Upper East Side. 

We pride ourselves on being one of eight companies certified as a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter — a distinction guaranteeing we use the highest-quality oil- and acrylic-based paints with innovative and dynamic experience and industry knowledge. At NYC High Gloss, we are the industry leaders for providing services and products that truly stand out and make a difference.


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Durable High Gloss Paint Kitchen Cabinets












Specialty Painting Services on the Upper East Side


NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting specializes in making your Upper East Side home look modern and elegant — standing out amongst your friends and neighbors. As a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter, we can transform your space and guarantee long-lasting quality.


For our New York clientele, our certified, licensed and bonded contractors can:


  • Elevate your home with new high gloss painted ceilings and walls

  • Breathe fresh life and dynamism to kitchen cabinets

  • Add the appearance of height to your ceilings with a lacquered coating

  • Provide additional specialty painting services


NYC High Gloss is proud to be distinguished as a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painter. Fine Paints of Europe is a Dutch painting company dedicated to using the best paints available worldwide. In 1996, it created a water-based paint that rivaled the popularity and durability of its oil paint. 

Water-based paint has the beauty of oil paint but with added convenience and is quick drying and odor free. By working with NYC High Gloss for your next painting project, you’re guaranteed an Old World, high-quality and timeless design with modern and innovative techniques. 

Experience the NYC High Gloss Difference


Keep your New York home looking timeless and upscale by having one of our certified high gloss and specialty painting contractors update your interiors with a bold and elegant glossy finish. Located in New York, NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting specializes in painting homes and buildings on the Upper East Side, including neighborhoods such as:


  • Lenox Hill

  • Yorkville

  • Carnegie Hill


We make our specialty painting services available throughout the city. With over 35 years of experience, we deliver outstanding craftsmanship and a superior customer experience. Contact us today at 203-302-1086 or visit our website to schedule a consultation or speak with one of our specialists. 

To ensure your home has an elegant and high-impact design, apply a high gloss paint to your walls, ceilings or trim. For larger surfaces like walls, high gloss paint applications can have a bolder and brighter statement than a traditional flat paint finish, and the paint’s reflective, mirrored quality enhances your color to appear more vivid. 

High gloss paint finishes are also commonly used for wood trim and molding — this finish breathes new life into typically overlooked wood trim and allows you to highlight the natural design features that give your home character and depth. 

A high gloss or lacquered ceiling is ideal for those cramped and low New York apartment ceilings. Flat paint is a common choice for ceilings, but this dull finish doesn’t enhance the room. Lacquer is a creative solution to add drama and also give the illusion your home has higher ceilings or help highlight a particularly beautiful ceiling architectural detail. A lacquer coating is also thinner, so it can penetrate deep into the ceiling’s surface. 

Let your kitchen cabinets stand out and become the focal point of your kitchen — apply a high gloss finish to your cabinets to draw attention to the hardware. High gloss paint is more durable than typical flat or matte finishes while also elevating the design to be more brilliant and modern. High gloss paint finishes are also an easy way to keep kitchen cabinets well maintained — high gloss is easily cleaned without damaging the paint and resists excess moisture. 

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