Your Fine Paints of Europe Contractors in Midtown Manhattan


If you’re searching for high-impact statement design to incorporate in your home, then consider repainting your walls or ceilings in a quality high gloss paint. The reflective finish makes colors appear brighter and adds a memorable dose of drama to your furnishings. NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting is a New York-based painting company specializing in projects using high gloss paint finishes. 

We’re honored to have the distinguished title of a Fine Arts of Europe Certified Master Painter — a certification only granted to just a handful of entities worldwide. Being a Fine Arts of Europe Certified Master Painter ensures your home will be painted using only the best-quality high gloss painting products available, with painting performed with unmatched expertise. 

Decadent Lacquered Walls and Ceilings






















High-Impact Glossed Kitchen Cabinets














High Gloss Painting Contractors in Midtown Manhattan


Choosing NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting is the only way to guarantee you use the best-quality paints and receive the best services and industry knowledge. 

We’re a family-owned and -operated boutique painting company specializing in high gloss paint and extraordinary finishes — focusing on making the homes of Midtown Manhattan shine with a unique paint job you won’t find anywhere else. Our specialty painting contractors are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we offer free estimates, so you guarantee you get the specialty and high gloss painting services you desire. 

NYC High Gloss is also one of eight elite companies with the honor of being a Fine Arts of Europe Certified Painter. Fine Arts of Europe is a Dutch company that uses and develops only the best and finest quality oil- and acrylic-based paints. With NYC High Gloss, your home will benefit from the beauty and popularity of this world-class paint. 


Trust NYC High Gloss With Updating Your Home


If you’re located in Midtown Manhattan, then trust NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting to add a bit of drama and glamour to your home. Our service areas include: 


  • Rockefeller Center

  • Times Square

  • Diamond District

  • Columbus Circle

  • Sutton Place


Enjoy the bright finishes and irreplaceable colors of Fine Paints of Europe and work with the expertise and innovation of a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Painter. Located in the heart of New York, we specialize in improving the interiors of Midtown Manhattan homes. Schedule a consultation today by contacting one of our specialists at 203-302-1086 or visiting our website

NYC High Gloss wants to elevate your home to stand out amongst your neighbors. High gloss painted walls and ceilings are a bolder and brighter option than typical flat finish paint. The reflective qualities of a high gloss paint give your walls a mirrored look that makes your colors appear brighter and bolder. And if you’re in a loft, you may think your ceilings feel low and cramped — applying a high gloss finish paint or lacquer to your ceiling gives the illusion of a higher ceiling and more open space. 

High gloss paint finishes may seem like a large-scale elegant statement, but did you know this finish is also practical? Unlike other paint finishes, high gloss is extremely durable, versatile and ideal for high traffic areas in your home like the kitchen and bathroom. You can easily clean high gloss — unlike a flat or matte finish, which may fade with scrubbing — and is moisture resistant. 

Don’t let your kitchen cabinets melt into the background of your kitchen or be outshined by other beautiful kitchen features — apply a high gloss finish to your cabinets to draw attention to the ornate design. High gloss paint can provide the timeless appearance of an oil paint application with the added durability of acrylic-based paints. This option is also a great solution to keeping your cabinets well maintained — high gloss is easily cleaned if you make a mess and is resistant to excess moisture. 

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