High Gloss and Specialty Painting Contractors in Manhattan, NY


Experimenting with bold interior design choices can give a fun lift to your home’s design, and adding a new high gloss color is a great way to start. Deciding to apply a high gloss paint to your walls or ceiling requires the best materials, premium quality paint and professionals who have the innovation and knowledge to execute your project with precision.


NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting is a premier painting company based in New York and specializes in high gloss painting finishes for homes and buildings in Manhattan, NY. We pride ourselves on being one of eight Fine Paints of Europe Certified Master Painters — guaranteeing an Old World, high-quality product with modern expertise when you use our contractors in Manhattan.


The Fine Paints of Europe Difference













Brilliant High Gloss Painted Walls and Ceilings in Manhattan




















Why Choose NYC High Gloss for Your Project


NYC High Gloss from Shoreline Painting is a boutique painting company continually growing and becoming more innovative since our founding over 35 years ago. By trusting one of our specialists, you’re guaranteed excellence, quality service and attention to detail. In addition to our expertise, you’ll also experience the peace of mind that our professionals:


  • Are fully licensed, bonded and insured

  • Are one of eight entities recognized worldwide as a Fine Arts of Europe Certified Painter

  • Are known for providing outstanding craftsmanship and superior customer service — all of our painting projects have designated site managers and general managers for ease. 


We offer services in Midtown, the West Side, Downtown, Uptown and more. You can call on us whether you live in Tribeca, Rose Hill or Herald Square.



Contact NYC High Gloss Today


Experience the NYC High Gloss difference today by having one of our certified painters update your interiors with a bold and elegant glossy finish. Located in New York, NYC High Gloss by Shoreline Painting specializes in painting homes and buildings in Manhattan as well as offering specialty painting services such as lacquered ceilings and walls throughout the city. Contact us today at 203-302-1086 or visit our website to schedule a consultation or speak with one of our specialists. 

Thirty years ago, Fine Paints of Europe — a Dutch painting company — decided to work with only the best paint. Oil-based paints were considered the richest option available worldwide, featuring long-lasting finishes, but took a long time to dry and had a distinct odor. 


 Fine Paints of Europe then decided to create a water-based paint option for consumers with the beauty and upscale finish of oil-based paint but also featuring the odorless and quick-drying ability of water-based paint. In 1996, it succeeded in developing a quality water-based paint that rivaled the popularity and durability of its oil paints but with the added convenience of being quick-drying and odor-free. 


As one of the eight painters recognized as a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Painter, NYC High Gloss can paint your home in the best quality and most elegant products available worldwide that you can’t find anywhere else in Manhattan. Upgrade your interiors today with an odorless, low-VOC high gloss paint, using a convenient, quick-drying coat that can last up to 10 years or more.

When you repaint your walls and ceilings, make a bold, dramatic statement by choosing a finish featuring high gloss. High gloss is obviously bolder and brighter than a flat or matte option, but the reflective quality of these finishes make colors appear brighter and richer. If you’re not sure your walls or ceiling are right for such a vivid look, try updating your smaller finishes to help make the room pop. 

Small features throughout your home like wood trim, railings, shutters and molding can benefit from a high gloss finish while uplifting a room and still providing a brightness and opulence. Not only is a high gloss paint finish a memorable and upscale look for your home, but it’s also a practical option for rooms with heavy traffic like the kitchen and bathroom. Unlike flat or matte finished paints, high gloss finishes are easy to clean and moisture-resistant.

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